Playback the animation of many low-poly models as they are moved around


I always use Three.js in my work, thank you very much.
I apologize in advance for my poor English.

We need this for our own service and have created a feature that allows us to move a lot of low poly models.
Do you guys need this feature?

I am new to the 3D industry and don’t really understand the demand.
If there is a demand for it, I would like to release it as a module.

Here are the features

◆ Low-poly models with up to 2000 vertices can use InstancedMesh to play back morphed animations individually.

◆ Automatic generation of Vertex Animation Texture based on morph data to playback animations with less load (based on Three.js example below)

◆ Blender Addon for morph data creation. This addon allows you to create morph animations based on bone animations.

◆ It can minimize the load on the CPU.

I have prepared a screenshot of a test run to give you an idea of what it looks like.

The execution environment is MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)

In this screenshot, 240 avatars are summoned via WebSocket, and each one plays walking and waiting animations.

Also, the 60 FPS can be maintained even with “CPU: 6x slowdown” selected in the Chrome Devtool.

We have confirmed that it works on Pixel 6 Pro and it also works on iPhone 11.

If you need this Blender Addon and Javascript module, I will refactor it and make the NPM module available to you.

Please let me know what you think.


Cool, yes we’d certainly be up for having a play with this module if you decide to publish, I’m sure the community would also find use cases for such a module it looks interesting!

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