Planes look at sphere´s normal direction


I added a lot of planes depending on sphere´s vertices - so that each plane sits at a sphere´s vertices xyz position, I made a fiddle for that:

How can I make each plane rotate to look at sphere (face) normal direction based at given sphere´s vertex position?

One way to achieve your intended result is to calculate the vertex normal on-the-fly and use Object3D.lookAt() like shown in the updated fiddle:

BTW: It’s not necessary to define planeGeometry and planeMaterial for each plane mesh. Define it once and reuse it in the for loop.

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Just a small addition:
planeMesh.position.set( geometry.vertices[i].x, geometry.vertices[i].y, geometry.vertices[i].z );
could be shortened to
planeMesh.position.copy( geometry.vertices[i] );

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