Personal Portfolio - - 2023

Hey Everyone!

Please find time to visit and go through my personal portfolio :
Any feedback and constructive advice would be appreciated. Kindly let me know what you feel off of it.
Also, I was looking at how performance improvements can be made, any advice there would be helpful too.

Cheers and Regards,


I’m not quite sure whether what I see is what is intended to be seen. When I go to the portfolio, I only see breathing exercise and your name in the top-left corner. Nothing else. Clicking and scrolling does nothing.

For the breathing counter, the hold phase is too long for me. Maybe I need some calming before reaching so slow breathing pattern. My suggestion is to start with shorter holds and gradually prolong them.

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Hey, that is not the intended experience, I will debug it. The breathing experience is just the loader. A text on the center bottom is supposed to appear once loaded along with a button “Reach” to start the experience. If its not much of a task, is it possible to provide device specification and whether it is happening across various devices?

The breathing guide is part of a 1-4-2 pranayama rule. For every unit of breathing in, 4 units of holding and 2 units of breathing out. The suggestion to gratually increase it makes sense and will do that. Thank you!

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I see, I waited some more time (over 3 minutes) and it finally showed up. Maybe you need to use some progress bar or an indication. There is a line that looks like a progress bar (with a thick central fragment) – but it stayed unchanged the whole time.

After seeing the site once, the next reload was fast – maybe the files were cached, or maybe there was some network problem before.

Now back to the portfolio. It looks like something unique and interesting. The night scene and the light were beautiful. Performance is OK.

There are some things that might be improved, but this is purely subjective opinion, so no hard feelings if you disagree with me:

  • after using the site for some time, the slow transition between scenes becomes boring
  • it took me some time to understand to press [M] to see the clickable items – maybe if they react on hover it may make better user experience? I was not able to activate them without pressing [M].
  • there is 09:09 AP/PM at the top – is it supposed to show the current time, because it appears like a static image and did not change
  • some of the texts are hard to read because of the font. In my opinion it is overdecorative. See the attached image. The text on the right is somewhat hard to read, the text on the left is even harder to read.
  • the [B] key is supposed to go back. If you go to “Contact” page, then select the email address, then unselect it, the [B] key does not work any more. You have to click somewhere outside the contact panel to make it work again.

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First thing first, thanks a lot for your time and valuable feedback. Helps a lot having different perspectives. :pray:t2:

Keyboard prompts - click is enabled on the options too. But I understand what you mean, it was one of those queries in my head too if it is recognisable. Will work on it.

Time - should have thought of that myself. Totally agree.

Back button/Text - so when the tablet opens, there is an iframe that acts as the screen. Hence, the iframe is treated as primary when a link is clicked, then clicking [B] doesn’t trigger an event in the main screen (if my writing makes sense). I’m not sure if there is a workaround for this.
With this I think I can also make out that in the intellect and conditioning text part, there are clickable elements which are hard to recognize, the above problem exists there as well. And ofcourse the font. I think I will need to rethink and rework the whole text/iframe part of it.

Will see how I can improve it. Thank you again! :raised_hands:t2:

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Where are you hosting your website? It literally took 1 full minute to download just the 15MB glb file. Nobody is going to purposely wait for that :sweat_smile:

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Oh god! It’s hosted with godaddy :sweat_smile: Ya, one min is unacceptable. Will see what I can do about it.

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Managed to move it to AWS. Added messages to overcome the issue with keyboard events when iframe is present. Smaller adjustments with fonts and buttons.