Particles have become far too visible since post-processing was activated

Hello everyone !

I recently added postProcessing into my project, and all my particles representing ambient dust are now a lot more visible. I guess this had to do something with ToneMapping. The aim is to retrieve something like the first picture with light visible dust.

Before / After

this.composer = new EffectComposer(this.instance);

this.toneMappingEffect = new ToneMappingEffect({
        blendFunction: BlendFunction.NORMAL,
        mode: ToneMappingMode.ACES_FILMIC,
        resolution: 512,
        whitePoint: 4.0,
        middleGrey: 0.6,
        minLuminance: 0,
        averageLuminance: 1.0,
        adaptationRate: 1.0

this.dofEffect = new BokehEffect({
        focus: 0.001,
        aperture: 0.1,
        maxBlur: 0.025,
        width: this.config.width,
        height: this.config.height

this.onlyTonePass = new EffectPass(, this.toneMappingEffect);
this.toneAndBlurPass = new EffectPass(, this.toneMappingEffect, this.dofEffect);

this.composer.addPass(new RenderPass(this.scene,;
this.composer.addPass(this.isBlurEffectEnabled ? this.toneAndBlurPass : this.onlyTonePass);


update() {

you can retrieve full code here, feel free to ask question :slight_smile: