Tone mapping and Postprocessing

Has anyone any experience with using the inline Tone mapping feature of the WebGL renderer in combination with a postprocessing stack?

Does it work? Do I need to considder settings?

Or is there a toneMapping postprocessor and where can I find an example of it being used?

Does anyone have a good manual on using the postprocessor composer?

Tone mapping is usually one of the last operations during rendering. When you use post-processing, you have to perform tone mapping with post-processing, too. Check out the following example to see this approach in action:

Thanks, I think I am allmost there… however I can not get the BloomPass right, yet. It turns my screen blue and vague.

And here is without the Bloom Pass:

I found BloomPass has four arguments, strength, kernel size, sigma and resolution, but I have not found the settings that make the scene less blurry and a bit more towards the original colors.