PanolensJs Github Hosting Error

I just wrote a simple panorama viewer with PanolensJs.
I used Github Hosting to make the site live, I pushed the project on github
and finally dealt with Web Page parts from Github settings
The page is not displayed when I open the page with .io extension
There are no problems with localhost.

Finally, I can say that the web console screen
“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()”
gives error

How can I fix this

this is web page: Başkentler Panoramik
this link: aliustunelin/BaskentPanorama (


Are you aware that the website produces a 404 error? It says istanbul1.jpg can’t be loaded.

The respective link does indeed not work:

Sometimes, it can take a while until all resources of a GitHub pages repo can be requests. If does not work in a day, delete the GitHub pages configuration and start from scratch.

You could also try to use a separate branch (gh-pages) instead of using main.

yes i will follow the Mugen Advice, thanks for that