Attempting to host site on GitHub, started with DesignCourse webpack starter

Hello all. I am very new to Three.JS and GitHub in general. I made a scene using DesignCourse’s webpack starter and running it on a server, which works like it should. I have uploaded to both Github and my own website and the only thing that seems to work is the HTML file, which only has one word on it, nothing else shows up. I have followed some tutorials online and can’t really seem to get it to work. Any ideas? My rep is located here: GitHub - Dylan-Coats51/Saplink-ThreeJS

GitHub pages is only for static websites. If your application requires a backend sever, then it won’t be possible to host it via GitHub.

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Do you know how I would go about hosting it then? It’s a pretty simple Three.JS scene, I didn’t think it would take so long to figure out how to host it.

If it’s a simple scene, you should consider to stop using the webpack starter project. Only use backend logic if you really need it.

Otherwise there are so many hosting services outside that are able to manage your project. Just search for it. I don’t want to promote a specific provider here.

I don’t see any backend services in your code, you should be able to host this everywhere without issue. The only thing that’s weird is that your dist folder is untranspiled. It contains raw sources with imports and all. The browser does not understand what (npm) imports are, the bundler needs to transpile it first.