Uploading to CPanel trouble

I just tweaked a code/website from GitHub and now when uploaded to my personal domain it’s just showing as blank. I get in the console log:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (near ‘…;},{smoothDist:0.1}).catch(errorMessage=…’)
init — threejs:21:1019
Global Code — threejs:21
Selected Element

Here is the github html file:


and here is it on my domain:


Is there something obvious that I’ve done wrong? I uploaded the entire folder and its contents via CPanel the same as I always have done. It all works in Brackets, I’ve tested different versions of the html and all that loads is the controls for the head tracking sensitivity, the rest is blank. Please Help!

Turns out it was an issue with the SSL certificate on CPanel. Still having issues loading certain GLB files but the main issue is now resolved.