P2 (2d physics library maintained again)

we have begun to host p2-es on poimandres: GitHub - pmndrs/p2-es: JavaScript 2D physics library since the original hasn’t seen a commit merged in years. i hope this is going to spark the same interest in fixing and caring about it as it did for cannon GitHub - pmndrs/cannon-es: 💣 A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript.

the idea is to give it a modern build system, flat bundle, fix tree shaking, typescript, looking over the pr’s that were never merged and then continuing with ongoing bugfixes.

if you want to help, join the project! we really need more maintainers, it’s a pity these libraries have been catching dust for so long. :relaxed:


Update: Some of the above has been done now!

p2-es has been converted to typescript and builds tree-shakable esm and cjs bundles.

I’m also starting to look over some of the PRs on the original repo.

Come on over and help make p2-es better!

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