Out of memory exception when loading .basis textures

Hello everybody!
I am building a website with three.js that relies on many many textures that have been resized to power of 2 and are embedded in a .glb file. The textures are currently in .basis format and loaded with the Three.js basis loader. Everything works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices.

The thing is on my Android, when I visit the webpage with incognito mode activated I instantly get an error that the device runs out of memory (one message for each texture) and the texture loader stops working.

I was wondering why is this happening and how can I fix it, since it only happens on incognito mode.

Is it possible to share the link to your website?

Besides, does this only happen when the glb file contains Basis textures? What happens when you use JPG or PNG?

I thought it only happened with basis textures but it does also happen with JPG and PNG.

I’m not allowed to publish the website before its official launching, but it is basically 3 glb scenes made out of many 2d planes with a texture attached to it, like a collage. The collage that has the most textures has 30 textures with alpha, and after it is basis compressed it weights 3.9mb from the original 16mb, but it is this one that throws the error inmediately.

After several out of memory exception, the GLTFloader throws an error like: Event {isTrusted: true, type: “error”, target: img, currentTarget: img,…} and then the javascript application breaks.

Like I said, this only happens on incognito mode on android (mine is a galaxy s9+).

In this case I suggest you file a bug at the Chromium bug tracker since I’m sure three.js can’t solve this issue.