Our official website based on threejs

here is our official website based on threejs: http://www.yushu.biz/

would you like to show this in your showcases? we will appriciate that very much.

we are a building management company.

Your website is extremely slow to load for me - it takes about 5 minutes. The first time I got bunch of errors and nothing showed up. The second time it did load successfully but still, it takes way too long.

I would suggest running the lighthouse tool built in to Chrome. It’s not perfect but try getting a score at least >90% before releasing a website.

Checking the network load, one of the main reasons it’s loading so slowly seems to be several very large PNG file, >500kb. The site doesn’t display until they are loaded. Try reducing the size and also refactoring so that the site becomes interactive before these are fully loaded.

I have to admit it: I’m more than just a little “challenged” in terms of reading Chinese. :nerd_face:
Which makes it impossible for me to figure out what this website has to offer, in terms of three.js and more.

@looeee: I can confirm that it loads slow, but waaay faster than the 5 minutes you experienced. I’d put the loading time for the first screen at maybe 10 seconds.

Five minutes may have been hyperbole :sweat_smile:
I just tested again and the the 3d scene showed up after 1:43.

The 3D parts look nice indeed but I have to agree with the others. It takes a long time until something is displayed to the user. The first time I tried to open the site nothing showed up for a couple of seconds and I closed it because I thought it was broken.

In general, to provide good UX you should pay attention to the “First contentful paint” and the “First Meaningful Paint” to give the visitors of your site feedback that something is happening.

That’s probably because your browser still had parts of the site cached :rofl:

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sorry for the network problem, because the GFW walls of the Chinese network, if you are in China, you will load it faster