Our first Three.js project was for a multi-billion dollar Aerospace Company - Leidos

Our company, The Virtual Wild, based in Dallas tx are long-time Unity and web devs but new to the wonderful three.js world.

Here’s the project we built for Leidos to showcase their lunar lander aircraft named “HLS”

You can view videos of the aircraft, rotate around it in 3d, see astronaut character animations and open an AR mode built with Zappar.

We’re looking for comments/crits, networking with other devs (especially in DFW) and generally excited about the future of this tech with our clients!



  • The materials don’t look that good. I’m sure its not all supposed to just look flat. The shiny parts should be shiny…

  • The lighting is weird and inconsistent with the scene, where is our star?

  • Skybox doesn’t look that good.

  • Too many shadow artefacts on the model.

  • The astronaut detracts from the scene, there is not enough detail on the textures.

  • The American flag in the astronauts hand seems to be two flags close together.

  • The lander could actually have landed a bit better, the legs aren’t really on the ground.

  • There is a bit of aliasing on the American flag on the lander, and the NASA logo

  • There is a bit of aliasing on the solar panels arrays.

  • AO Map could be better quality.

  • Earth looks realy cool but aliasing there too

Other than that actually looks great.