ORM texture doesn't work properly

Hello everybody,

I have a .glb file
Mac_KTX2.glb (869.7 KB)
with 3 embedded KTX2 textures (normal, color and ORM).
Everything works properly, but when I try to load textures manually and map the ORM texture to roughnessMap, metalnessMap and AoMap respectively, the result isn’t right.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!

Please share details. How are you loading the textures, mapping them, and in what way is the result not right?

I am using the KTX2 loader

        this.KTX2Loader = new KTX2Loader()
        this.KTX2Loader.detectSupport( this.renderer )

and then I create a PBR material

        this.macPBRmaterial = new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial({
            map: this.macColor,
            roughnessMap: this.macORM,
            aoMap: this.macORM,
            metalnessMap: this.macORM,
            normalMap: this.macNormal,
            envMap: this.envMapTexture,

and this is the result:

EDIT Same thing happens with png textures and the texture loader

The code above looks fine. Textures have settings, which GLTFLoader configures for you but which you need to know about if assigning them yourself. For PNG and JPEG textures, use texture.flipY = false. For all textures, you need to assign the correct colorspace, wrapS, wrapT, minFilter, magFilter, etc.