Open Game Submission

Dear Game Developers,

We’re excited to announce that Arcade is now open for submissions, and we want YOUR games to be a part of it!

Submission Guidelines:

(1). Games of all genres and styles are welcome!

(2). Submission deadline: 30 Dec 2023

Why Submit to Arcade?

(1). Showcase your talent to a vibrant gaming community.

(2). Connect with fellow developers, receive feedback, and expand your network.

(3). Learn new game dev skills

(4). Extend your experience to new levels

How to Submit:

(1). Visit Arcade ( Create an account.

(2). Go to your dashboard and click on the “Upload your own games” option

(3). Fill the game form and click submit

Your game is now on Arcade :tada:

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your creativity and join our growing community of game developers! We can’t wait to see the amazing games you’ve been working on.

Please note that our website does not support Unity games and HTML5 games uploading is cranky for some computers so we recommend using the iframe option.