Online Game - Quest Of Hero

Game: Quest Of Hero
Description: Cross-platform browser-based online game in the genre of MMORPG.


Some amount of work in there, congrats. Tackling the MMO genre isn’t a small feat…

I like the old school vibes about your project.

Could you write some more about the project ? (team, tech stack, story, objectives…)

If in short, I have long dreamed of creating a game, but at that time web technologies did not allow it. To create this game, I spent a year and a half studying all the features and technologies of the web, including studying the three.js library. Regarding the team, I found it on freelance. To make this project work, many technologies are available that are available on the web. At the moment, the project consists of 2 heroes and 4 locations on one of which there is a raid boss. ))) Due to the fact that you can embed a WebView in an Android application, I created an application on Android and uploaded it to the playmarket for verification. The future of the project will mainly depend on user support.

Unfortunately, due to the situation at sea with the coronavirus, moderation of the game in all directions is extremely slow. But we won’t write anywhere, we are improving this project.

Well done, very impressive. Looking forward to see this project grow.

Thank you!