Сome near in on blender model render

Hello, I want to get closer to rendering the model like in blender. At the moment, I copied all the parameters of the material and set the light to something like in a blender, but the models do not converge a little. How can I achieve the same soft glow on the cubes (especially visible on the top of the model) and make about the same darkening in the slits of the model?
My result


Cactus.blend (1.1 MB)

three ootb will never look as realistic as a raytracer no matter what you do.

first, configure threejs properly. ootb three is misconfigured, it will give you that 90s era cgi look. it has wrong color space, wrong gamma, no color management, no tonemapping, it will band and tear colors. also use environment maps. blender uses filmic tonemapping, srgb and env maps. here’s how https://twitter.com/0xca0a/status/1625177704323596305

from there on you only have three options

  • go with the flow and make good use of the cheap cgi look with low polys and soft colors
  • bake everything you can in blender
  • use effects

ssgi: https://twitter.com/0beqz/status/1632109961768476672
soft shadows: Baking soft shadows - CodeSandbox
soft shadows ported to vanilla: https://twitter.com/vis_prime/status/1627729053024387074

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Thanks for your reply. I already use srgb, didn’t use tone mapping as it made my model less saturated.
I understand that without ray tracing I can not achieve an identical result.
In my case, I need to follow the 3 paths you wrote :slight_smile:
ssgi looks very good, thanks
Could you recommend how to change the colors for my model?
On the screenshot that I left above, I tried to simulate the 2.2 gamma that stood on the bsdf shader color, I took the colors and used the convertSRGBToLinear function from threejs, which led to almost the same result as in the blender (Material Preview).

It confuses me a little that with the initial color F1A700 I get the color EDB230, and without my hack with gamma the result is E9D24E, which is more like yellow than orange
Is there such a post-processing that will allow me to change different colors in different ways, for example, make green 20% darker, orange 10% lighter? Or is it not done this way and you need to select colors initially?

tonemapping is pretty important, especially since you want it to look like blender. the look is near identical (ACESFilmic and blender filmic). it prevents color banding and gives you more realistic and subdued colors. of course, in ootb threejs you’re looking at it without AO and GI, so it will look like dirt, but it creates a good foundation.

you don’t need convertSRGBToLinear, if you switch on colormanagement three will do that for you.

as for postpro, you’d be looking at a LUT pass. same as in cinematography, they use LUT for color grading.

like this:

Thanks, I will try