Oculus Go webVR - strange camera behaviour

I’m trying to add webVR support to a previously developed webapp, and I’m testing on Oculus Go.

In my normal setup I have a “cameraGroup” containing the camera.
if i add camera in the group, position is right (I’m assigning position to group), but camera “looks down”.
if I don’t add camera to cameraGroup, camera “looks forward” but I’m unable to set camera.position .
I’m also unable to set correctly a pose target.
And I can’t make a fiddle because the project is large and has a some dependencies.

Any ideas?
Thank you.

So it does not work if you add your cameraGroup to WebVRManager.poseTarget via WebVRManager.setPoseTarget()?

assuming my camera is added to a Group / Object3D,
If I don’t set the poseTarget (defaults to camera), the group is at the correct position (I set this 0, 50, 0), the oculus rotates the camera ok, but it looks there it is a basic rotation on the X axis by 90 degrees, facing down.

If I set the poseTarget to the Group, camera faces straight, the rotations are correct, but the group is translated to position 0,0,0

I understand that without looking at the code is quite impossible to help me, but I asked in case someone had a similar experience…

ASAP I’ll setup a very basic scene with the same key elements to figure out if it’s a bug, an Oculus Go problem, or a problem in my code. (Eg the “rollercoaster” example looks working perfect, with a container moving and rotating, and a camera inside it controlled by oculus go and rotating relative to container)