Octree examples no longer available?



Hi, I want to try to use Octree raycasting in my application.

I found the threeoctree package that implements Octree in THREE, but it only supports up to r60. The author of the package did include a link to a version last year that is supposedly compatible with “latest” THREE, so I went to the link, but the link is unavailable. It seems like it was once part of the examples/js directory, but was taken down for some reason. That being said, I could not find any example usage of Octree in THREE that were occasionally mentioned across forums/stackoverflow/etc.

Have these examples been moved somewhere else, or are they taken down because they no longer works with the latest THREE?


I have made a PR at the original repo in order to avoid such confusion. But the owner of Octree seems to ignore it :expressionless:

No, they were deleted with this PR. Octree uses an old geometry format that is going to be removed from the library. Since the implementation is complex and a migration to BufferGeometry time-consuming, we decided to remove Octree from three.js and refer to the original repo instead. So please make any form of feature requests at the original repo.


Thank you for the comment. I missed your reply.