🖥 obj/glTF to USDZ from terminal without Xcode?

Been digging around in Augmented Reality(AR) for a while.

Successfully been able to convert obj to USDZ with Xcode on Mac using xcrun usdz_converter in terminal.

What I’m curious about can:

  • obj/glTF to USDZ be done without using Xcode from terminal?
  • Do you know of another way this could be done?

Have seen vectary and clara.io converting to USDZ
Also saw the post on Three.js issues: https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues/14219

Thanks for the help!

There’s a new usdzconvert utility that (I think?) can convert glTF and some other formats to USDZ without XCode – see https://twitter.com/deniskovacs/status/1138458261437501445. I haven’t tried this myself though.

Do you know of another way this could be done?

Nope. :confused:


Looking into your recommendation still requires in the pipeline Xcode but then again I’m on a mac maybe need to test this with Linux, at least when I tried to install the pycode. Then ran into having to install PySlide, requires a certain configuration to do this process. Will keep attempting, still learning!

Getting warmer, things are beginning to take shape, found the right readme file:

After many failed attempts with pip and pip3, during the build I keep running into an import Image error. Read through stackoverflow related problems. It is something with either my environment or I need to hear from others they have gotten this python script working where we can discuss what went wrong. Possible revisit, for now Xcode is a viable solution! :frowning: