Not able to load any gltf file in three js/editor

here is my GLTF format file

I have extract Zip file and want to load gltf in three js editor from local machine.

But in throwing Error:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: THREE.GLTFLoader: Failed to load buffer “scene.bin”.

Please help me with this

Try dragging the entire .zip file into the editor. All of the files in that folder are part of the model.

Yeah…ZIP file is working fine !!!

but In three.js/editor code there is also support of single GLTF file which uses Loding Manager and take all supportive file.

When I select scene.gltf file why it giving error??

Reference code:

If you’re not dragging in all of the necessary files, the Editor will not be able to find them. It can’t read directly from your hard drive. Sometimes .gltf files do not have any additional parts. In addition, it may not support multi-file drops at all, as they are more complex. You can file a feature request about this on the Editor, or zip your files.