R159. Opening of GLTF format is broken in editor and lib itself

Here is an gltf example of zip (can’t upload zip here due to size). Download source of example Yellow Plaster 3d model. Free download. | Creazilla.
Step to reproduce:

  1. Download gltf zip
  2. Unzip archive.
  3. Select all files and Dragndrop into threejs editor area

Actual result: Cannot parse load files correctly

Stackblitz demo Angular Threejs Demo Basic GLTF zip - StackBlitz

I’ve tested the import of your asset and can confirm the issue in the editor. This works with r158 but not with r159.

I’ve fixed the regression with: Editor: Add missing `manager` to `GLTFLoader`. by Mugen87 · Pull Request #27336 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub


I’ve also pushed the fix to prod so three.js editor should work again. You might have to clear the site data, though.

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Thanks for handling the issue.

As you can see gltf is parsed and we can see 3d model, but images are still not applied

You have to add some lights to your scene. Try it with the modelviewer environment preset.

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