Normal map artifacts - draco compression

I’m using gltf-pipeline v2.0.1 to compress this glTF.

Here is the compressed GLB.

As you can see, the compressed version has artifacts that the none-compressed one doesn’t.

I’m using this three-js viewer and babylonjs sandbox to check the result.

With compression:

Without compression:

There is also a warning after the compression model is loading:

Maybe the draco_decoder.wasm should be updated?

On babylonjs the artifacts are less significant but still exist (you should remove the Ambient map or else the model will be entirely black)

Any suggestions?

It may be worth trying different compression options in glTF-Pipeline, or filing a bug there or on the Draco repository. I’m not sure what can be done after the model has been compressed with these artifacts.

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I’ve submitted an issue here.