Noob question: what is ARB?

Noob question.

I came across the function perturbNormal2Arb and I would like to understand what arb is.

Three gives me this

Wikipedia gives me this

But I see no assembly, so I wonder.

Thank you!

TBH, I have no idea. Probably good to ask this question at GitHub. If no one has a clue, it’s best to rename the function to just perturbNormal() to avoid any confusion.

For once at last it’s an advantage to have 60+ years on your life clock :innocent:

The old-timers may remember, that this is an acronym which refers to the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, which had the oversight over the OpenGL specification before that was transferred to the Khronos Group.


I supposed it has to do something with the Architecture Review Board but I don understand the relation. It would make sense if the code of perturbNormal2Arb() would base on a ARB reference but it does not seem to be the case.

Here’s more:

see All About OpenGL Extensions.


Waw I saw that as well but TBH, I totally overlooked that definition.

No way I found out.

thanks! :+1: