No more vertices in r162


recently I thought it would be time to get used of js modules.

So I grabbed some old three- code, which was written with three.js labeled “1f968fe” which might be aroud r74 ( !? ), downloaded r162 and tried to modify the old code to a module- approach.

The old code creates a text- geometry and iterates the vertices to colorize them each.

The access to them is given by:

       var vertices = geometry.vertices;

When I use this with r162 or want to let show the vertices like

      console.log( geometry.vertices );

I’m being said that these were undefined. Obviously the seem to be somewhere because I can see the wanted letters on the screen.

Using the same console in r74 ( ? ) I get nice arrays printed with the wanted vertices.

Where may I find them in r162 ?

Many thanks in advance.

Geometry and related properties were removed in r125. The only way of accessing / creating / updating vertices of a geometry since then is by using BufferGeometry.attribute (vertices are stored in the position attribute.)

You can find a little snippet of code on how to access / set the vertices at the top of that docs page linked above.

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These very simple demonstration examples show you how the two types of buffer geometry work.


from the Collection of examples from

You can also find more examples of buffer geometry there.

This example works with color.

This is where positions and indices are set.