Three.modul.js ? var geoField = new THREE.Geometry();

hi there iam using:
new THREE.Geometry();
to construct with push command a new geometry.
its not working with my three.modul.js What to do?
okay I found out that its out how can I use the
in THREE.BufferGeometry();

First of all it is three.module.js. Besides, THREE.Geometry was removed from core with r125. You should find all information in this topic:

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yes I found that r125_
how do I use the THREE.BufferGeometry();

is there an example ?
iam working with very old books…

There is no .faces in the BufferGeometry.The procedure is a little different.

If you are new, take a look at the beginner example from the Collection of examples from There you will also find links to the docs in the code.

See BeginnerExample

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