New Game Engine with Three.js

Hello lovely people of this forum. Here’s me again with another update video. I’m sorry it has taken so long but it’s been hard moving to my new City. It’s exciting times but the whole move is taking a toll on my productivity.

So, back to business. In this video what I show is how now it’s possible to create/save/load scene files, as well as setting the Skybox which can be switched between procedural and cube map. There’s other things I’ve added that are not on the video but here is the complete list of new features.

  • Switch between procedural and cubemap Skybox
  • Create/Save/Load scene files
  • Top Menu bar
  • Project Settings Menu: Set the title of the project and the scenes to use where the the first one is the entry scene. Will add other settings here later for Input, Quality, etc.
  • Build For Web: Now it’s possible to build/export/whatever a project that you can serve like any website.
  • Console Window.
  • Dialog Manager: so that you can later on add your own dialogs for your editor extensions.
  • isActiveCamera flag on the cameras which lets you set the active camera dynamically by hand or by code.

Then what’s left? You might be wondering.

  • Some cleanup… this is gonna hurt.
  • Packaging the damn thing… this is gonna hurt more.

And after that?

  • Alpha release!! :smiley:

And after that?

  • Making it good enough for a beta with your invaluable feedback.

I hope you like the video.


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