Need some help with a texture that doesn't work on mobile

This is the project that i’m working on:

It works on mac, but the plane is white on Windows, Linux and some Android devices.

I see no errors in the console and have no idea what it could be or where even to look …

Can you also reproduce the issue with plain three.js code (without react-three-fiber)? I’m not sure how to debug this issue otherwise…

Thanks Mugen! I translated it to plain threejs and that made me catch the bug. It was a typo in the end. I wrote scale={[adaptedWidth, adaptedHeight]}, but scale is a vector3, so it should have been scale={[adaptedWidth, adaptedHeight, 1]}. Odd though how it worked on Macs. But that was it, now it runs everywhere :slight_smile:


PS, i opened an issue for this: