Need Help - How to do these 3D animated and interactive website?

Hello users of Threes.js !

Today I need your help/advices/opinions to succeed in my end-of-year project.

For my end-of-year project, I have to make a rework of a website (publisher’s website) and bring a new experience to the user. My idea was to make a 3D library (with books) and show some ‘bubbles’ that when the user moose comes over it, a preview of the book is showing up. And when the user scrolls, the camera moves forward (like you’re walking forward and get closer to the library) and the old ‘bubbles’ disappear to make appear other ‘bubbles’ (= others books).

I’m pretty new to JavaScript and Three.js.

I know I have to make my library in 3D but I got no idea on how to do to the fact that when you scroll = camera moves forward (with specific keyframe), and also making ‘bubles’ appearing and disappearing through navigation.

For the 3D animated scroll navigation, there is some example :

Well, I’m waiting for your answers and opinions!