Need help for a mesh animation

Hi !!
Video down below. :arrow_heading_down: :arrow_heading_down:

So, i succeeded to animate the width mesh by increase scale.x, but as you can see the texture is ‘following’ the mesh width. I am struggling to having final sizes texture while scale.x mesh is increasing.

If you have a solution, I’m interested !

Yes, there are solutions. Just modify the offset and repeat properties of the texture. In this way you can control what part of the texture is used. Like this:

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Thanks for your answer !!
But i find an other way to do the animation.

void main() {
vec4 texture = texture2D(tMap, vUv);
float alpha = step(vUv.x, threshold);
gl_FragColor = vec4(texture.rgb, alpha * texture.a);

I just have to animate ’ threshold ’ here , and it works like a charm !

Way simpler !

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I’m glad that you found a solution to your problem. In case you want to do it without shaders, and by just using one line, my solution was: = k;

where k is the proportion of the box shown (from 0 to 1).

I will try this too, thanks !