Need general tips on what to try when you can't see an animation model?

I would have to say at this point that getting animation models I bought from a 3D model web site is really painful. Every model I bought has taken a lot of time to get working. At first I thought it was only the FBX models since I got the ThreeJS webgl_animation_skinning_morph.html model working very quickly.

But I bought a new animation model today in GLB/GLTF format from TurboSquid and I am having trouble:

The animation model is contained entirely within a single GLB file, just like the webgl_animation_skinning_morph.html robot and the loader code all went well without any errors or complaints, but here’s the problem. I just can’t see it..

I can even have the model LERP. How do I know it’s LERP’ing when I can’t see it? Because I am dumping the model’s position and rotation in real-time and I can see it follow me (aka “the camera”) around as I move about the scene.

But I simply can’t see it.

Can anyone give me a checklist of what to try when you have this problem? Also, Is TurboSquid considered a good site for ThreeJS compatible animation models? Or should I be going somewhere else and if so, where?

It’s not really a matter about three.js compatibility. If a website provides glTF export, the assets should load properly since the project tries to cover the glTF spec as good as possible.

In many cases the camera is too close or too far away. You can easily check this by importing the asset into which is based on three.js. If you see the model and can play the animations, the root cause of your issue is in the app level code.

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If the answer of Mugen87 is not enough, you can try to use the other formats available for your model and import them using three.js editor. It provide a scene inspector (don’t forget to add lights, and play animation, the default scene doesn’t do it for you)

This way you can compare results with gltf-viewer.

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I’m going to assume you have light in your scene.
Often these models are huge, so the camera is inside a double-sided mesh and not able to receive any light. Try scaling the model to 0.01 or 0.001 to see if that helps.

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Thanks @Mugen87! That’s a really helpful site.

@anidivr Thanks. Your suggestion was helpful but it was actually the opposite problem. The scale was too small. I had cut and paste the scale from another model which ahd a very small scale because of the problem you mentioned with some overly large models. Once I reset the scale to 1 I could see the model.