Gltf model not show up

tv_cabinets_andersen.glb (2.2 MB)

i just downloaded this gltf model and put them in my threejs scene, therefore it did not show up. I tried in, it showed up , but in three.js editor, it did not show up. im new to threejs and 3d art in general so i don’t know what can possibly go wrong with it, i tried to ajust the camera and scaling the model, it seems that it’s not doing any effect. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The model is located about 300m from the origin, and so is hard to see and may be clipped by the camera near/far planes. You can center it by loading in, opening the script tab, and running this script…

import { center } from '@gltf-transform/functions';

await document.transform(center());

… then downloading the result with the right-hand panel export button.

Or in the three.js editor, click into the node named “Sketchfab_model” and reset its position.

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thanks a lot