My voxels are not casting or reflecting shadows

Guys, I’ve been trying to get my voxels to cast and receive shadows, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve been trying for hours now, and I’m leaving one of the attempts I made to get it to work. It’s late here, and I’ll try to get some sleep. Hopefully, someone can see what I am doing wrong. I know it may be difficult without a live example, but i cant share atm since it connects to a local server.

client.js (20.9 KB)

your directionalLight shadow camera frustum is quite small. = 0.5; // Set near value of the shadow camera = 50; // Set far value of the shadow camera = -10; // Set left value of the shadow camera = 10; // Set right value of the shadow camera = 10; // Set top value of the shadow camera = -10; // Set bottom value of the shadow camera

i couldnt figure out if you are moving your directionalLight with your camera so then your small frustum may actually be ok.

here is an exmaple of a larger directionalLight shadow frustum and moving it with the camera.

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Thank you so much for replying. No, the directional light is meant to be in placed although there are gui controls to move it if needed. I do see something a tiny black rectangle moving, which now in hindsight might have been what you mentioned.

I also realized I uploaded a broken version of the code. i’ve decided to roll back to a version before i created the directional light and start again. ill use your example to help me. Thanks again for your input!