My Starwars Game

Hey everyone, I built this up a couple weeks ago due to being out of school for snow and ice.
It only has one world at this point, but you can hop in one of the three vehicles when near them.

  • Experiment with WASD keys.

  • Something to note is that i made this for myself so the controls are weird
    * If you want to fly/hover quickly use ENTER key once, then use up down keys from there.

Yes, there is music, but its slow to load and doesn’t catch sometimes.

Hope yall enjoy!

Starwars Space (

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Controls aren’t working and its spamming:
5 5 0
main.js:365 Up: false Down: false Left: false Right: false Button A: false
in the console…

Yeah…were you trying with a Bluetooth controller…I used my Nintendo switch controller with it, but then I decide it was very difficult to implement. Sorry for the inconvenience. If there are any other issues just let me know. Thanks!