My pixels/particles colors are burned if camera is too far, how can I fix it?

Hi, I created a “galaxy simulation” with 1 000 000 particles, and I have nice color mixes, but when I zoom out to see the whole image, it is burnt out while I would like to keep the colors mix, do you know what is wrong or how to fix the problem? It seems that particles are blending in an additive manner. When you zoom out, they squeeze together, more of them overlap, so more of the color values accumulate to white:
Do you have a solution ? :x
What i have:

What i would like to have:

I think additive. Maybe you have only blue color like rgb 0,0,0.2
And maybe on another screens color not only blue like rgb 0.1,0.08,0.03
Check what blending mode and colors are using that screens

I’m sorry I edited the question which was not very clear

If you create particles using Point geometry, then, because points have fixed size regardless of their 3D position, they will overlap much more if you zoom out, since their screen density increases, that’ll give you brighter color. You could try to compensate it by making them more transparent as they get further from the camera. In any case they can’t get smaller than 1x1 pixel, so there is that.

That’s exactly what I did. They are already 1px in size, what I can do is hide some proportionally to the distance from the camera, isn’t there an easier way?

You can make them more transparent if they are further away, so if they overlap, they are not so bright, you can make the color (RGB) also darker. That’s the easiest way. Otherwise, you could decrease the number of them depending on the distance, I guess that’s harder and probably will be slower.

Thanks, I tried it and it works partially because some points overlap on the same plane