Multiple Part GLB / Displayed Separately

As Ive mentioned several times before, I’m new to Three.js- so I am still trying to learn the best practices
I am attempting to display a complex GLB file that a user can select the parts of the model to read details about that specific part (displayed using html div and css).
The model has a large amount of parts to display. In efforts for a better user experience, I would like to section the GLB file into separate assemblies. In an ideal situation, I would have a button that the user could select to isolate the sections of the model for parts identification. Just as an example: Vehicle (main GLB), Body (GLB section 1), Engine (GLB section 2), and Interior (GLB section 3).

Would it be possible to reference named layers within the GLB file for display, or would separate GLB files need to be loaded in order to achieve separate visibility?
I read that Layers could be used to display specific sections of a scene. Such as this: Would this be the best optimized approach?