Mrdoob's color scheme in HTML code

I am looking to copy the color scheme of HTML statements (not graphic figures) as shown in this example:

[three.js/webgl_buffergeometry_lines.html at 5b6a46bdaf4892262d8c0872b287fa857ae233de · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub]

I am working on an iMac developing with Visual Studio Code and have tried the alternative themes in Preferences with no good result. I have entered many different search terms both here in discourse and in a general Internet search. All failures.

Thanks for any suggestions…

I am quite not sure if that’s what you are asking - but is Github theme for VSCode maybe the thing you are looking for :eyes: ?

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Yes, that matches the mrdoob examples on Github with one tiny difference.
Thanks for answering so quickly. Now I can hack without that nagging irritant in the back of my mind about color highlighting.

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