Moving the barycentric stylized wireframe

Hi guys, I would to moving a wireframe stylized from barycentric coordinates to y axis of a threejs plane geometry.

I used a repository by matt ( to generate this wireframe and tryed to moving y axis from fragment shader, but seems too complicated to recalculate the position of this.

The idea is to create a “fake” movement of wireframe by fragment and the vertex is fixed.

It’s possible to moving the wireframe from shader fragment?

The visual effect would like this:

any help most welcome.


No. I guess you need to change the transformation of the mesh (the wireframe’s base) in JavaScript or perform some kind of vertex displacement in the vertex shader. What you see at shader toy is an animated grid drawn on a two dimensional plane (think of it like an animated texture).

Thanks @Mugen87!!
It’s just what I wanted to know. if it is not possible it is better to find other solutions.

Yes, I was thinking of using a texture image as a second option, or only fragment shader “fake” wireframe grid like shadertoy example, or FBO.