Wireframe is off from model

Hi guys, I didnt fix it after all haha.
Made a quick low poly test and the wireframe is off again.
Everything works flawless except for the wireframe.

Either it is off by miles, or it is off a little, but it is not accurate as it should be.
Never had this problem with older versions of Babylon exporter (3ds max to gtLF).

Included a screenshot of the wireframe that is incorrect (works perfect with older models though) since the last Babylon plugin update (which might be coincidence) and my test model.

afbeelding island.max (1.3 MB)

My wireframe code:
    if(wireframe == false) {

	storedOriginalModel.traverse(function(child) {

		if (child.isMesh) {

			// Extract current geometry and material
			let geometry = child.geometry;
			let material = child.material.color;

			// Setup our wireframe
			const wireframeGeometry = new THREE.WireframeGeometry(geometry);
			const wireframeMaterial = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({color: 0xFFFFFF});
			const wireframe = new THREE.LineSegments(wireframeGeometry, wireframeMaterial);

			wireframe.name = 'wireframe';



    wireframe = true;

} else {


    wireframe = false;


Edit: Fixed it half… after making a wireframe in the above code I did this:

let geometry = child.geometry;
let position = child.position;
let rotation = child.rotation;
let scale = child.scale;

wireframe.position.x = position.x;
wireframe.position.y = position.y;
wireframe.position.z = position.z;

wireframe.rotation.x = rotation.x;
wireframe.rotation.y = rotation.y;
wireframe.rotation.z = rotation.z;

wireframe.scale.x = scale.x;
wireframe.scale.y = scale.y;
wireframe.scale.z = scale.z;

This works for almost all elements, but some elements are still off (grass for example).


Instead of adding the wireframe to the scene, add it to the mesh like so:

child.add( wireframe );

Good one, might be easier indeed, but besided that… how come everything is working fine except for 1 or 2 objects? is there any way to find out perhaps?

Not sure. I would need to debug the app to say more.