Models look dark after applying SSAO

Hi everyone,

I am trying to apply Ambient Occlusion (SSAO paired with SSAA) post-processing, however, for some reason it makes the model look very dark. Here is the part of the code that applies post processing:

function initPostprocessing(
  composer: EffectComposer,
  renderer: WebGLRenderer,
  scene: Scene,
  camera: PerspectiveCamera,
  width: number,
  height: number
) {
  const ssaoPass = new SSAOPass(scene, camera, width, height);
  ssaoPass.kernelRadius = 1;
  ssaoPass.minDistance = 0.0001;
  ssaoPass.maxDistance = 0.02;

  const ssaaRenderPass = new SSAARenderPass(scene, camera);


  ssaaRenderPass.clearAlpha = renderer.getClearAlpha();
  ssaaRenderPass.sampleLevel = 0;
  ssaaRenderPass.unbiased = true;
  ssaaRenderPass.enabled = true;

   * DEBUG
  // Init gui
  const gui = new GUI();
  gui.add(ssaoPass, 'kernelRadius').min(0).max(32);
  gui.add(ssaoPass, 'minDistance').min(0.001).max(0.02);
  gui.add(ssaoPass, 'maxDistance').min(0.01).max(0.3);

And then I render it as follows:

      renderer?.setAnimationLoop(() => {
        renderer.render(scene!, camera!);

Screenshots with and without post-processing:

I tried different things, but couldn’t make it look normal with Ambient Occlusion. Any help is appreciated.

Best regards,

adding GammaCorrectionShader should solve the problem.

It does, but then the effect of SSAO becomes completely invisible.

does it work when you remove SSAA Render Pass from the composer?

ssaaRenderPass.sampleLevel = 0; tells me there is no SSAA.

SSAA pass doesn’t have any effect there, so it can be removed and the result will be the same (which I did).

Also, when you have composer.render(); in your code, you don’t need renderer.render(scene!, camera!);.