Modeling avatar (Newbie frenchspeaker)

Hello world :sweat_smile:
I am new to threejs (… there is a lot job to do but i might have to start somewhere. have a question to kindly guy who could answer, do you create your models directly with threejs or do you use another application? Whats pro/con of using threejs?

There are modeling software/tools to create Model. You are not supposed to create Model in three.js.

Three.js is a framework of WebGL which is an API.

This is a ready made framework so if you want to tweak something, it might be very easy but i guess that is with other framework as well. So i don’t know pros and cons !!

There is another alternative Babylon but i have never used it and I guess Three.js is more popular !!

Most often, models are created using modeling software. One can effectively create more complicated models.

The gltf format is preferred.
Great tutorial series to author gltf models on Blender
Anim8or (.an8 file type) in Three.js

But you can also create simple models procedurally with three.js. This requires some practice with three.js

Pino - a procedurally generated and moved skeleton figure

A fish of splines
Curved2Geometry - a twofold curved geometry

Multi Form Geometry
Addon to create special / extended geometries
Addon. Produces almost infinite many time-varying geometries with functions

weiße Weihnacht
raycaster - drag and drop


See more in the Collection of examples from

what is the model you want to display?

I expect as result (modele) the lightest size in script, if possible a direct integration in javascript. Thanks for the idea, I’ll take a look on it.

I want to display an avatar, such in fps game… The very light possible (in size)

there are tons of models available all over the web. mixamo and whatnot. so if you want to learn how to model, do it, but it’s a science in itself. you can create some blocky lo-fi models in threejs if that’s the look you’re going for, for instance:

I think the script with threejs would be the solution of what i expect (light for fast loading, unless I find another application that renders fairly light models) thanks for the exemples… all I have to do is practice practice practice…

Thanks for teh link…i think i just have to practice with such app