Anim8or (.an8 file type) in Three.js

Hi, Three.js Team,

I feel the need to write the following, as a discussion (or a suggestion).

I would like to see the an8 files accepted to be loaded in Three.js.

They are richer than 3ds (accepting materials and UVs), richer then obj (having ungroupped meshes).

Are easily edited in Anim8or software.

They could be easily manipulated, with each mesh (with enriched material) animated in the scene.

I am a long time user of Anim8or, responsible for all my interest in 3D.

And I confess it is more direct in obtain results for relative sofisticated creations, for Me of course.

And I do not want to compare it with other tools to create 3D contents.

Thank You for the possible attention.

José Roberto Lazzareschi

R. Steven Glanville (Creator)

Unless the file format for .an8 files is published, I don’t see how this could be added by anyone but the author of the tool.

Other formats that don’t have an open spec are supported, most notably FBX. However it’s a ton of work to reverse engineer the files.

It would be much easier to ask the author for spec or search for the source code for an .an8 loader in another language and work from that.

Whether a loader would get accepted to the three.js repo, I don’t know. But that’s not really important, if you host it on your own repo on GitHub people who need it will find it.

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I found a link that contains specifications of an8 files.
Please observe if this would facilitate the possibility of the proposed suggestion.
Thank You for the attention to this question.
José Roberto Lazzareschi

The link:
an8_format.txt (38.5 KB)

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Yes. That’s what’s needed. Appears to be grammar. A parser could be written by hand or defined using something like PEG.js – Parser Generator for JavaScript (

Excellent candidate for a student project.

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Our objective is to present positive alternative tools for development of Three.js projects.
Thank You for the interest demonstrated,
José Roberto Lazzareschi