Model rotation in wrong direction with mouse Euler while using Orbit Control

Rotating an object with mouse using quaternion().setFromEuler works in the right direction if orbit control is not rotated, but when orbit control position is changed the rotation of the object is not in alignment with mouse movement. There might be something to combine world quaternion and deltaRotationQuaternion. How can we adjust the rotation perspective with respect to OrbitControl’s current position/rotation? any help is much appreciated.

let previousMousePosition = {
  x: 0,
  y: 0

  var deltaMove = {
      x: mouse.x - previousMousePosition.x,
      y: mouse.y - previousMousePosition.y
  var deltaRotationQuaternion = new THREE.Quaternion()
      .setFromEuler(new THREE.Euler(
          toRadians(deltaMove.y * 1),
          toRadians(deltaMove.x * 1),

  myModel.quaternion.multiplyQuaternions(deltaRotationQuaternion, myModel.quaternion);
  previousMousePosition = {
      x: app.mouse.x,
      y: app.mouse.y