Rotate camera with mouse move looking at ONE point using OrbitControls

Hi Everyone, newbie question

I followed the following code:

But the camera looks at wherever the mouse is (which is true, as thats what the script is). What I am trying to achieve tho, is something like when we click (mousedown) while using OrbitControl and drag it horizontally and vertically, the perspectivecamera rotates BUT it should ONLY look at that same point using MOUSEMOVE (instead of mousedown).

I would think using the available OrbitControls script and modifying it makes sense, but I am not sure if that’s possible to do. Or is this achieveable without orbitcontrols? Which direction should I go? Please, advise.

Thank you very very much.
Any help would be really really appreciated.

Isn’t that already the default orbiting behavior of OrbitControl?

@Mugen87 Yes, exactly, but I want to achieve it by using mousemove instead of mousedown. Sorry if it wasn’t clear enough.

And, is that even possible? :slight_smile: