Model disappearing when rotating scene and imported light is wrong GLTF

Hi all,

  1. So I have 2 issues at the moment one is when I rotate my scene the windmill will disappear (it’s no were near the camera) see this:

  2. My second problem is the imported lighting seem way off is there a way to correct this?
    What it should look like(blender):

What it looks like in the browser:


Files below:

Thanks in advance

A lot of the difference in lighting is coming from two things:

  1. The roughness of most materials is set to 0.5 in Blender. This causes them to be more reflective than you probably want here, I would increase it to 1.0 for all materials.
  2. Environment lighting is a huge contributor to the final look, and it can’t be exported with your model. If I enable an IBL in Blender that looks more like the default one on the web, and increase roughness so that the model is less reflective, I get pretty similar results between Blender and web:

It’s not the same IBL above, the BabylonJS one has a bit of red lighting in it which is affecting the result here. Or you could disable IBL entirely, and still increase roughness to 1, and get something more like this:

The Scene World option in Blender is worth comparing before/after here:

three.js cannot do global illumination, so many of the effects that Blender enables with this option are not available. You’ll get a closer preview with it turned off.

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I also think that baking ambient occlusion would help improve the look of this model a lot when exported, but that’s a somewhat more advanced task in Blender.

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