MMDLoader - Washed Out Colors


When using recent versions of Three.js (155) the MMDLoader appears to be loading PMX files with washed out colors. Using the code from the following link: three.js webgl - loaders - MMD loader , the Miku model renders fine (this is an older PMD file with simpler textures), but trying it against another, newer PMX file the colors appear very washed out. See the following result:

Any idea why the colors are rendering in a washed out manner within the newer Three.js builds?

Hi @jasondalycan

Very likely the difference relates to Examples: Updates for color management (pt3) by donmccurdy · Pull Request #25889 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub and to Updates to Color Management in three.js r152. If you’re able to share the file that’s not appearing correctly, I would recommend filing a bug, that’s likely something we can investigate.

Thanks will do. Actually it seems that this was not caused by r152 as the coloring on MMD files appears to have been broken since r92. Loading the file using the older r92 Three.js code works fine (see the following):

It appears that since r92 MMDHelper was removed from Three.js and the colorization issue has appeared since (I’ve tried arbitrary releases > r100 and < r152 with varying, washed out colorization results.

I’ll file a bug. Thanks

I’ve filed a bug here: MMDLoader Colorization Issue · Issue #26553 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub