MMDLoader can't load BoneMorph

I’m japanese . I’m sorry, my English is not good.
MMDLoader does not deal with other than vertex morphs such as UV, Bone, MaterialMorph.
So first, I’m trying to implement BoneMorph but there are two problems:

First, I don’t know how to calculate ‘position’ and ‘rotation’ .
Second , I don’t know how to use MorphTarget to not vertices but Bone ,UV ,Material in buffergeometry.

Could someone tell me these?


Sry, without providing more information it’s not possible to help you. MMD related question are problematic since it is a very specific format and not widely used in the industry.

You might want to contact the original developer of MMDLoader directly via twitter:

He is also from Japan so communication should be easier for you :wink:

I’ll try to directly contact the developer who made MMDloader.
Thank you for answering my question!

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