Mixamo skeleton has bones with same name

I have downloaded and imported the male droid character from Mixamo for testing purposes. When inspecting the skeleton I found most bones share their name with an other bone.

i.e. I have a maximorigRightArm bone that has a child bone with the same name. The child is a different bone - different position and uid.

When inspecting the same skeleton in Blender, there are no double bones. Does anyone has noticed the same?

Is this a problem with the FBX loader? Or am I missing some setting?

I think I have figured it out myself.

Most of the bones seem to appear both in the root of the bones array and as a child of another bone.

I found out when I was itterating them to change their names and noticed when diving into the bones children the names were already changed.

One thing I don’t get that the UID’s differ between two identically named bones…