Might is Right, the game

Oh my God, you’re right. I thought I switched it to Nvidia card a few weeks ago, but it turns out that I’ve set the Opera launcher (which had the same icon) and not the actual Opera program. Big Whoopsie :sweat_smile: Thanks a lot for helping me figure it out :smiley:
It runs smoothly now, even with 4098 shadows :joy:

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I’ve just played for a bit. Tremendous work.


Thanks @moritz4, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hey @Usnul, I’ve captured Repaire de Barbiche :smiley: However, the objectives didn’t change. I assume there is just world exploring left now?

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This was annoyingly addictive. I am kind of happy it crashed after many hours…


(Nothing reported in the console.)

Edit: Oh, nooo!!! The game was saved…


Haha, I’m super happy that you finished the game! Sorry to say, but yeah, there is no Victory screen. Let me do it personally instead: congratulations! You’re awesome :smiley:

How’s your impression?


Ha, I think it’s either a memory leak somewhere, which can happen or it’s WebGL context purging, which Chrome does from time to time. But yeah, sorry to say - the game saves automatically after every turn! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been struggling for a while with the identity of the game, its main strength is in the gameplay, but conveying that and getting players to invest sufficient time to “get” that is somewhat of a challenge.

My partner in crime on this adventure is a gentleman who worked on Heroes of Might and Magic series, so most of the credit for the awesome gameplay is actually his. I will make sure to pass it on :slight_smile:

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Haha thank you! :star_struck:
It took me around 4-5 hours i think (not entirely sure) as well as something like 120 days in game. First let me address some technical issues:

  • With some battle experience I realized that reading and comparing stats is a very important to find the best move. Unfortunately healthbars as well as portraits (in case of the lowest row) obscure some important stuff
  • I run browser task manager at all times and the GPU memory usage seems to grow from 1mln KB to 3mln KB over time. I had to sometimes refresh the tab in order to avoid a crush. Potential memory leak?

Some minor stuff:

  • Player gets bombarded with a lot of text at the beginning
  • As someone commented before - chests seem pretty unexciting. The only items I ever look forward to getting are the XP/LVL boost books. Maybe healing salves and res books at the start when I cant afford them yet
  • Gold… You are in desperate need of it at the start of the game, but after around 5 levels, you are rich and have nothing to spend it on.
  • Back to items - consumables didnt really feel good to me. Maybe its just my personal opinion, but Ive always felt that I only look at the potions, when a tough battle is ahead. In other words, they’re not something i look forward to, but rather something I have to use just to increase my chances. Im not entirely sure if im making any sense here :sweat_smile:


  • Surprisingly lots of fun, despite its simplicity
  • Some unit combinations are easier to start with than others. For example, Mage+Support was a nightmare, while Warrior+Healer was like cutting through butter.
  • The game gets definitely A LOT more fun with more units in play. I feel like levels threshold for more party members could be lowered. At least one more after capturing Godspeed. It would help to avoid problems related to battles with few units (healer+warrior not being able to defeat a geomancer, Mage+support being a horrible combo at first levels)
  • Leaving one enemy unit (preferably one that cannot attack) alive and blocking until your Healer brings all your party members back to full health is a good way to avoid ever spending any money on healing items ;p
  • Initiative is possible the most important stat to have. I invested all of my leader points to get the [Team Initiative Talent], but the game was over before I could fill the requirements for it :confused:

Game Strengths:

  • Fun, although simple combat!
    I thought a little if maybe changing the Mage AoE attack from all 6 to just a square of 2x2 would benefit the gameplay. Mostly because it seems like mage is the only unit that lacks strategic decision making, since you always just attack everyone and there isnt much thought involved.
  • Level-Ups come very often, especially with more than 3 units in the squad. Very nice and addictive way to reward the player. Big part of why gameplay doesn’t become stale easily.
  • Very pretty graphics :star_struck:


  • Lack of any plot is very visible. Currently, with there being only combat, no objectives to fill the void between Godspeed and Repaire de Barbiche, its hard to see progress and it feels sort of like a mobile game :frowning: Of course I understand that the game is still work in progress :slight_smile:
  • Animations and attacks seem to not be on the same level as the overall graphics, which is a shame, since the game relies mostly on combat (at least currently). I feel like there is a lot of room to make the battles more exciting and dynamic :smiley:

Quite a lot… If I forgot something, I’ll comment again or edit :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall: did I have fun? Sure! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to finish the game :smiley: .Magnificent job! Nicely done! Very exciting to see the browser/three.js games push the industry to new levels. I will watch the future of this project with great interest :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words and for playing the game. You gave me some solid ideas on how to improve, I’ll make sure to make good use of them! :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

A few updates.

moved the camera a bit in combat scenes, so reading stats should be a lot easier. This makes combat presentation clearer as a whole.

Still haven’t caught that one. I’m pretty sure you’re right on the money about it being a memory leak. Probably event handlers somewhere, the whole engine is mostly event-driven. However, a whole bunch of stability bugs have been fixed, so the game runs much smoother overall.

We have done a major re-balance, so consumable items are a lot more desirable now. Hopefully it makes finding them a lot more exciting.

Still not solved, we did increase prices of units by a large amount, and we added a money sink, a potion which increases experience gained by 15%.

This should feel a lot better now. Overall difficulty is high enough that your decision process is often: “do I let someone die or do I use some items?”. We’re quite happy with this, but I’m a bit afraid if other people share our take on it or if they will think it’s too harsh now. Personally, I feel the stakes are much higher and the tension during the combat is more tangible.

points about the plot and animation are still the same.

We have also reworked a lot of talents, there’s a lot more variety now, less of “+X to stat Y” type of talents. We have also started experimenting with passive abilities for different units, for example a giant warrior has “Challenge” passive, which buffs the target, but only if it doesn’t defend, if it defends the buff turns into a severe debuff - this forces you to fight them more aggressively, which gives the fight a distinct character.

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Hey, happy to see updates! :smiley:
Talents seem a lot more exciting now! I especially like the ones that buff one stat a lot, but take away from a different one. However I feel like there are too many available at the start of the game. It might make new players confused and tired from reading all of them for every character. I like how the trees are divided into categories. I think an interesting change would be having each tree start off from a single Skill, for example make the damage tree start with +5 strength +4% strength, instead of having to choose between +10str and +8%str. It wont make much difference numbers-wise, but would make talents trees more clear about wbout what they do. The choices would start from there.

Also I think you need too many level points for talent trees. If the game length didnt change and the distance to Barbiche is still the same then I’d consider cutting down some skills. For example go from 6 necessary to 3 or 4. Like I said before I invested all of my leader points to get the [Team Initiative Talent], but the game was over before I could fill the requirements for it :sweat_smile:

The health bars still obscure stats but at least when i hover my mouse over it, i can still see it pop up so im happy about that :smiley:
Good job on making it better and better :slight_smile:

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Thanks @DolphinIQ! It took a while to produce some meaningful work, based on your feedback, have been a slow couple of weeks :turtle:

We talked a lot with the game designed about this. Ultimately - his vision is to offer a lot of choice early on, it’s a bit overwhelming, I agree, we’ll keep looking for a solution :slight_smile:

We have been working on that. What you said is very true, so we have re-balanced the level a lot, now you might be able to learn that talent before getting to Barbiche :unicorn: From some play-testing, around level 25-30. You need 29 points to learn that talent. We’re still working on the balance a lot :slight_smile:

I re-worked that quite a bit, here is what the inspection looks like in the new iteration:

It is now in a fixed area, and is guaranteed not to be obstructed by other things. I also added talent display there, to be able to get pretty much all the information a player might want :wink:

In the mean-while, there has been a crazy re-work of talents and abilities in the game, we added passive abilities to each class, and we branched off male and female versions of characters, so they play significantly differently from one another - effectively doubling number of classes.

I’m really grateful to you and everyone else who has provided feedback, it’s been incredibly useful! :bowing_man:



Over the past 3 months or so, I have been working on strategic AI for the game. This has taken a lot more time than I had initially imagined. Mainly because of how I written the interaction code, it was mostly synchronous and heavily tied to the player. I had to convert everything to async and add a layer of abstraction to allow AI and the Player to interact with the game through the same interface.

Actual AI is based on a paper called Adaptive Intelligence for Turn-based Strategy Games by Maurice Bergsma and Pieter Spronck

It proposes a modular architecture for decision-making with a very straight-forward implementation.

It took a while to write the tools for building so-called “Influence Maps”. In the end Might is Right uses 2 maps for it’s attack/move decision-making:

  • threat map. This dictates how much danger each game tile presents to the agent
  • reward map. This abstracts how attractive each game time is to the agent

I built a small tool for AI prototyping, here is what a threat map looks like:

Here’s a reward map:

If you look closely, you will notice that the maps are influenced by walking distances, here’s an example of a distance map:

So Dijkstra’s algorithm has seen a lot of use here :slight_smile:

Finally the AI is here, it consists of 2 parts:

  • spawner. Creates new enemies, decides which enemies to create, how strong, where to place them and when.
  • scheduler. Computes “Actions” for each enemy and executes them.

It has been one of the hardest features to implement by far, an incredible journey and a satisfying challenge.

The changes are now live. Feedback, as always, greatly appreciated.


The game is no longer available on itch.io. Does anyone know if it moved somewhere else?

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Hey @Wyndstaurm, I’m preparing for a Steam release, since there’s been no more feedback for the past week or so - I decided to pull the game from free access. I’ll post an update once the game goes on Steam. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

I updated the main post yesterday when I did that, I’ll move the update note up, so it’s more clearly visible.

On Steam ? I didn’t know webGL games could go on Steam. Or are you preparing it for native environment with React native or something ?


there’s :atom_symbol: electron, basically packaging a browser :earth_asia: into an executable :slight_smile:


Thats awesome! Nice to see you expanding your game’s horizon :smiley:
I’ve fiddled around with Electron a little in the past. How is it performance-wise when it comes to Three.js and 3D rendering overall? Are there any noticable changes? I’ve heard it’s apps are pretty heavy memory-wise :confused:
Sorry, im just really curious :sweat_smile:

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Hey, I haven’t done any profiling with electron, but my experience was identical to normal Chrome in terms of performance. So far, I am yet to see any issues yet when playing the game on electron.

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Makes sense. Looking forward to the Steam version.

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