Meteor Mayhem - Three.js Game

Hey all - my first game!

Everything apart from the rocket is procedurally generated. No two game experiences are ever the same.

No assets are used - everything you see is written in JS.

Check it out! Meteor Mayhem

Source: GitHub - jessehhydee/meteor-mayhem: As your rocket fly's through space, you must avoid more and more asteroids in your flight path.


Thanks for sharing. It was fun playing the game. I always admire procedurally generated assets and virtual worlds. When looking at the code, I can see motions are absolute (i.e. they are not based on elapsed time). Maybe this explains why the game runs too fast on my computer. You could make a more fair gameplay by adjusting the speed of animation to the current FPS.

What is the purpose of function normalize(pos,vmin,vmax,tmin,tmax)? Is it something like MathUtils.mapLinear?

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Good idea - it never occurred to me to judge animation speed on elapsed time. Will look into this.

The purpose of the normalize method is to limit / set boundary to the rocket movement. I’ve never come across MathUtils.mapLinear - looks similar. Will compare the two tonight.