Meshes with texture slow initial load

Hi everyone! I’m facing what seems to be some performance issues on my app.
I do have 4 walls created by several Mesh which already have texture applied to both sides. These Mesh are taking like 1-2 seconds to appear with fully loaded Mesh and textures applied. This is how it looks like in the meantime:

The wall looks like this after its been loaded:

The app is way too big to be able to give significant code that might be causing this. If any suspicion of what might be causing this is provided, I’ll be able to narrow down what might be the cause. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m confused about what is the problem – the performance (delay of 1-2 seconds) or the transparency.

If the code is too big to share, you can try to make a separate simple and small program that have a few objects with these textures. This will help you find whether the problem is some inherent problem in the textures and object materials, or it is something related to how your bigger program constructs the scene.

I just found out that the size of the texture is causing the problem. Images with lower resolution are not taking that long to load. What might be a good solution to trying to improve the loading time of high resolution textures? As far as I know, mipmaps are automatically generated (this is a JPG). I’ve also read that using a LoadingManager may help, but I’m not seeing any results.